What is a VR-Hole?

VRHole VR hole is a web-based piece & tool that explores the web browser as VR immersive experience. As software is a web-based application that takes advantage of the WebGL context in the canvas element of HTML5 to create and render scenes, and uses the new capabilities of the modern browsers to make the App compatible with some cool external devices such as Oculus Rift, Leap Motion and Gamepads.

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How create a hole?

Creating a "world" using VRHole Studio is pretty easy, and in addition to this it has the full documentation inside the environment, easy to access and yet easier to understand.

The VRHole Studio is free and will always be, you can create an account or get in with your Facebook account. Feel free to contact us and ask whatever you want to know.

We invite you to create with VRHole Studio and help us to be better by leaving constructive feedback, we will appreciate it. Also, you can support the project by making a donation.

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Where deploy the hole?

You can publish your scene in our servers, but also you can download it as a simple HTML5 website into a ZIP file, or even as an easy-to-use Wordpress plugin.

A scene exported with VRHole is by default compatible with some external devices which make the immersion experience no less than awesome. To those who want the full stuff, go to the SETUP page to learn how to setup the environment with Oculus Rift, Leap Motion and Game pads.

Alternatively, you can use your keyboard and mouse to walk around the scene

Also you can open the "world" in your mobile device and look around by moving it.

We recommend Firefox and Chrome browsers for better rendering performance and full features.





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